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Brandy Brook Sports Club, Inc Camp Rules

 The following is a short checklist for all members to adhere to when opening and closing the camp!

General Rules

  1. Always cover the fireplace with screen when leaving the camp and at night when sleeping.
  2. Make sure there is a grate under the hot water pan before you place the pan on the Boss AND make sure there is water in it. Never let it boil dry.
  3. When there is snow cover urinate only to the right of the propane tank (between the tank and the woodshed) or in the outhouse. (we use snow for hot water)
  4. Always make an entry in the Log Book even if just stopping by.


When opening the camp

  1. Turn on the gas line at the storage tank, and inside the camp above the main stove.
  2. Light all pilot lights. (range top and oven)
  3. Unlock all doors both front and back in the camp and the outhouse.
  4. Start the Boss and fireplace.


When leaving the camp

1. Fill both wood boxes and the wood for the boss by the stairs.

2. Shut off propane to all of the lights.

3. Shut off propane line at the stoves and the storage tank.

4. Fill Kerosene container by the kitchen stove. 5 gallon tank is in the outhouse.

5. Wash and put away all dishes pans etc.

6. Sweep and mop camp thoroughly including the fireplace hearth.

7. Shake the dirt out of the throw rugs.

8.  Close all windows.

9. Empty the camp cooler.

10. Put all perishable food products in the root cellar.

11. Empty the water tank, all buckets and hot water pans. Do not leave the hot water pan on the Boss.

12. Put the water bug in the root cellar to prevent freezing.

13. Make entry in the camp log.

14. Lock both cabin doors and the outhouse door.

Take all garbage home.


If you notice anything that is needed like Kerosene, fuel, paper products, food items, etc, notify Rick Meier or Gary Hayden


Leave camp the way you would like to find it!


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